If I were to pick a superpower it would have to be the ability to stop time - Pausing life, taking in the beauty that has come together in that one pinnacle moment and saving it forever. Forever is a long time - so the moment has to really be worth cherishing. This moment holds the emotion in the air, the smile that forms from within, the tear of many stories and achievements behind it. Can you imagine this superpower? One can only dream or become a wedding photographer.

Watch in HD
Behind the scenes as we head out location scouting to our upcoming wedding at the Parsonage. You’ll see the final images throughout. Also a funny surprise, must watch! ↟

Watch in HD
I want to take you on a little journey, behind the scenes, with me during one of my weddings ↟

What do you love most about your job?

My clients are the best. They are what drives me to invest myself into their story, their vision, memories and their love. It's seeing them open up and give me the trust to capture something magical, it's a very intimate moment for all of us and at the end I have gained two new friends. It's the ultimate satisfaction to receive wonderful messages of how much they laughed, cried, held each other as they relived the happy memories and beautiful memories of loved ones.


What inspired you to start your own business?

Coming from a creative background, in Graphic Design to be specific, I found myself missing something. I wanted to do something more meaningful with my life and my skills, something would have an affect on others. I wanted to see people happy and add some positive to this ever growing negativity around us.

Why should future clients choose you?

Because they will be my friends. I love their stories and I deeply invest myself to create something special for them. My clients have fun, they enjoy themselves, they forget there is a camera in front of them. It's all about letting your hair down and be you, be adventurous, be shy and be beautiful. It's who you are.