If I were to pick a superpower it would have to be the ability to stop time - Pausing life, taking in the beauty that has come together in that one pinnacle moment and saving it forever. Forever is a long time - so the moment has to really be worth cherishing. This moment holds the emotion in the air, the smile that forms from within, the tear of many stories and achievements behind it. Can you imagine this superpower? One can only dream or become a wedding photographer.

I love my life and I love what I do. Being a photographer fills me with huge amounts of gratitude for human life. I feel at my most humble when photographing a wedding. I see lives playing out in front of me, memories being made. It is this magnitude of human spirit and love that makes my choice of career worthwhile.

I am a father to my son Jacob and engaged to my partner Megan. I enjoy travelling and getting lost into the city of where I would be visiting and really taking in the culture. I like cats, unfortunately I have developed an allergy to them. I'm a sucker for a good show and I'll binge watch it all the way through and once more over as the pain is too real to let go. If you have any recommendations, please welcome.

I have a graphic design background and in the past five years I have been a photographer. Without realising, photography has always been a part of my life; part of family trips, birthdays, new year's eves and design projects. It all started one day when the father of my best friend asked me to photograph his wedding and I remember vividly at the end of the day thinking "I will never do that again". I was very shy and felt like a fish out of water. Oh boy how have things changed - I love being around people and can speak freely with anyone, I enjoy speaking to people and learning about the stories that we each hold. I love problem solving and taking on the challenge of creating something beautiful no matter the weather, location, lighting conditions. For me, this is my biggest achievement.

I would love to hear about your story and your journey together. I am intrigued to hear about your engagement and how you first met. Are you school sweethearts? Or tell me funny stories about the things that your children do? Let's get in touch and discuss your ideas, your vision, your wedding day over a good cup of coffee.


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