Elopement in the Scottish wilderness

My passion for creating art has grown far beyond the photos captured. It’s capturing a breath of life. When I see two people in love I see two lost souls that have found each other in this very crazy experience we’re all riding on. I see overcoming obstacles and celebrating success. I see that whether you are on top of the world or going through the darkest battles there would be no one other you would want to battle with.

I’m always excited by the real nature of each couple and their uniqueness. It’s exciting when my couples start to show signs of themselves as they become more comfortable and let you in in their intimate side. For this very reason and mindset I have never shot for myself or for my portfolio in mind and this styled shoot has been the opportunity to learn and grow as an artist. It allowed me this time to let my hair down and capture something that I am passionate about.

A huge thank you to Hollie and Brian who have been so supportive and enthusiastic about my vision. There were no limits with them and were very eager to try anything that meant we would get the perfect shot. What was more amazing was that this was their first ever time in front of the camera for a shoot together.

With much love and appreciation to my team for making my vision/ my dream a reality:

Dress: That Special Day
Kilt: Kingdom Kilts
Florist: Victoria Florists
Hair / Makeup: Be Beautiful by Hollie


“Hollie and Brian’s intimate session has been curated to stimulate both your sight and hearing. We wanted to retain and express as much of their love for one another and to take you back to a moment in time where time is timeless and the world is endless. To have a better experience of the moments you are about to enjoy, we would encourage you to allow the music to pull you in further. A gentle volume in the background to create atmosphere works best.”