You are the sprinkles on my Ice Cream

I have been lucky to have been invited to photograph Adam and Jamie's wedding this September and we decided to meet up for a pre wedding / engagement shoot. The purpose of this was to help us connect together and to be able to create amazing photos on the day. When I shoot my couples, I chase the moments that have sparkle, that have charm, that are intimate. When you are yourself, you will get lost in the world of you and your better half and you will shine in your photographs.

After some disussion we decided that the best place to do the photoshoot would be South Queensferry. We met up in Orocco Pier, had a coffee boost and off we went. Both Adam and Jamie killed it right from the start and we were having such a fun time. As we were walking to the next location I suggested we all get ice cream as it had become quite warm with the sun beaming down. To my surprise they were both up for it. This is their story:

Don't forget to check out The Little Parlour for the best ice cream in South Queensferry.