Caroline & Philip @ South Queensferry

Caroline is from Scotland. Philip is from Ireland. They met ten years ago, in a local Irish pub in Australia. When Philip decided to propose to Caroline, he took her to one of the small islands along the Austrailian coast. They took one of the small planes and Philip ended up forgetting the engagement ring. As a temporary solution, he bought a pack of Haribo’s and while they were on the pier Philip asked, “Take the plunge with me?” with one of the sweety rings!

I had been in contact with Caroline for about a year and since they live across the globe, we had never met. We hadn’t even considered doing a video call since we got on so well via communication. On the wedding day, seeing how close and comfortable we all were with each other, you would never believe we had only met a day before!

Wedding day arrives. The weather is cloudy but looks like it’s going to hold. We start the prep at Caroline’s parent’s home, right under the Rail Bridge in North Queensferry. Out in the far corner of the garden, you will find a mini step ladder. When you climb up, you are able to view the sea lions over at Deep Sea World.

The beautiful humanist ceremony was held at Dunfermline Town hall where Caroline and Philip tied the knot. To my surprise, the interior architecture was very impressive with high ceilings and wooden beams to add scale to the design. Two large golden chandeliers were present to complement the empty space.

After the ceremony, we were met by a vintage red London bus which picked us by from the Abbey. We grabbed some photos from Pittencrief Park then headed to The Hilton by the bridges in North Queensferry. This part of the day was for the drinks reception and some family photos. Once we finished, we arrived at Orocco Pier, just across the river in South Queensferry. Here, we took advantage of the stunning scenery of the Forth Road and Forth Rail bridge for our backdrop - but not before we had our shots of tequila!