Hollie & Brian @ The Parsonage

Hollie and Brian, where do I begin? I’d love to share a little about their remarkable story. Once you hear this, you will be even more convinced that they were made for each other.

Hollie and Brian are high school sweethearts. They have been together since they were 14/15 and their wedding day marks their 10-year anniversary. Before their engagement at Magic Kingdom in Florida, where Brian went down on one knee in front of the Cinderella Castle, Brian had gone ring shopping.

After much difficulty, he finally came to a decision. It was a beautiful ring that had captured his heart in a local jewellery store. He knew it would be just perfect for Hollie. However, as the salesclerk was talking away to Brian, he revealed that a girl and her mother had also come into the shop the day before and the salesclerk couldn’t help but wonder if they somehow knew each other.

This took Brian by surprise, but it couldn’t be. As neither Hollie nor her mum knew about Brian’s intentions, it would be the craziest coincidence.

And yet, the day before, Hollie had in fact been out for lunch with her mum. Passing by a local jewellery shop, they decided to pass the time by looking at rings. Not only did they happen to pick the same exact store, but while browsing randomly, both Hollie and Brian had picked the exact same ring! Miraculously, without either of them even discussing the design, they had picked the exact same one. The only minor difference was that one was all platinum and the other was platinum and gold.

What are those odds?! It’s so clear to see that the love Hollie and Brian share is real. These incredible people have come to mean a lot me in the short time I’ve known them, and even more so when I had the opportunity to capture an elopement styled shoot with them. This was a creative dream I had since as long as I can remember and I’ll always cherish the memories I’ve created with them through their love.

You will find their Elopement in the Scottish wilderness here but today I want to share with you their special moments from their real wedding.

It was such an honour to witness them tie the knot and become one at The Parsonage and Dunmore Park. The day was full of emotion and perfect in every way - especially Hollie’s dress, which was to die for!

Alps <3

A huge shout out to the venue, suppliers and everyone who made this day a little bit more special:

Venue: The Parsonage at Dunnmore Park
Ceremony: St Michael’s Church, Linlithgow
Hair: Nicola and Kerrie @ Sorella
Makeup: Daynaevemua @ BeBeautifulbyHollie
Kilts: JH Kilt Hire
Entertainments: Deck and Dance // Saltire Beat
Videographer: Aeropixel Scotland

Also thank you to all the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen who were so helpful and all for my crazy ideas.